国际学院是北京服装学院对外开放的重要窗口,全面负责外国留学生及中国港澳台侨学生的招生录取、教育培养工作。学校自1997 年开始招收外国留学生和中国港澳台侨学生,是“北京市外国留学生奖学金”“台湾、港澳及华侨学生奖学金”资质校,也是内地第一批招收香港免试生、台湾学测生和澳门保送生的资质校。现有在校生360余名(包括来自62个国家的各类外国留学生二百余名,我国港澳台侨学生百余名),累计培养外国留学生2800余名、中国港澳台侨生450余名。




The School of International Education(SIE)is an important window for the opening of the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology to the world. It is fully responsible for the enrollment, education and training of international students and Chinese students from China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Since 1997, the SIE of BIFT has admitted international students and Chinese students from China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. BIFT is a school qualified for “Beijing Scholarships for International Students” and “Scholarships for Students from China’s Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Overseas Chinese Students”. It is also among the first batch of schools in the mainland qualified for admission of students from China’s Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. In SIE,there are currently more than 360 students (including more than 200 international students in different kinds of education from 62 countries and more than 100 Chinese students from China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and cumulatively more than 2800 international students and 450 Chinese students from China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in China.


In recent years, in accordance with the national policy, SIE is taking advantage of the characteristics of the school's featured majors, attaching equal importance to both enrolling and cultivating students, and combining diploma education with non-diploma education. The school has established friendly and cooperative relationships with more than 20 countries including Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Japan, South Africa, etc. and school groups in China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, steadily expanding the enrollment scale, continuously improving the quality of enrolled students, constantly optimizing student hierarchies, highlighting the effectiveness of curriculum reform, and educating students with featured methods of work concerning student affairs and services. SIE has become an indispensable part in the process of the internationalization of BIFT, and has been making contributions to the formation of a multicultural and international BIFT.







In 2020, the school of international education ushered an extraordinary graduation work exhibition, Reality&Fantasy. Under the epidemic situation, the graduates’ life and study were disrupted, and their works were affected. However, everyone did not give up, persisting in their own countries and regions and finished their graduation designs by online courses. They integrated what they have learned, reflections on real life, fantasies about their future needs, fantasies about the objective world, and expectations for a better future, etc. into their works. Compared to the illusion in a parallel world, it is more real. After the storm, there must be a rainbow. Having endured the physical and mental suffering of creation during the epidemic, our graduates will reap the fruits of four years of hard work.


This year, there are 41 undergraduate students who obtained their bachelor degree,14 are from South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Myanmar, Ukraine and other countries,while 27 students come from China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan . Their majors cover Fashion Design and Accessories,Animation,Visual Communication Design, Photography, Environmental Design , Performance, and etc. This exhibition includes more than 100 design works of these 41 graduates.


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李 栋   邓 阳   暴 巍   梁 怡


王 娜   吴青蔓   Charles Zhang